Computer Basics 2 – Preparation for Microsoft Office

The skills covered in this course will be prerequisite knowledge for all Microsoft Office and other computer courses.

This course will introduce you to the Microsoft Office environment and ensure competency in basic Window skills required for all Microsoft Office courses. Using both Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel you will go on an in depth tour familiarizing yourself with the Microsoft Office environment. You will be introduced to the Microsoft Ribbon system, the Quick Access toolbar and Microsoft’s “Backstage”. You will learn how to interact with tools on the Ribbon system. And throughout the entire lesson you will be learning and using proper Microsoft Terminology.

Window skills covered will revolve around Files, Folders, and the Microsoft Windows “Documents” storage area. Using both Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel you will learn the difference between “Save” & “Save as” and discuss what it means to “Open” a file. You will get hands-on practice in both programs, Saving files to specific Folders and Opening files from specific Folders. You will also learn to take advantage of shortcuts available in Microsoft Office to save and access your files. Your work in “Documents” will supplement your Windows skills used in Microsoft Office, as well as introduce you to Creating and Managing a Filing System. Skills covered include Creating, Naming & Renaming Folders, Opening a Folder to access its contents, Moving Files to New Folders, taking advantage of ‘Shortcut’ tools available in the Documents area and how to work with the ‘Recycle Bin’.

A Certificate will be issued upon course completion.

Offering 1 (2 sessions)
Mon/Tues, 6:30-9:30 pm Sept 9 & 10
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 2 (1 session)
Wednesday, 9:30 am-4 pm Sept 11
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 3 (1 session)
Sunday, 9:30 am-4 pm Sept 15
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 4 (2 sessions)
Mon/Tues, 6:30-9:30 pm Sept 16 & 17
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 5 (1 session)
Tuesday, 9:30 am-4 pm Sept 17
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 6 (1 session)
Tuesday, 9:30 am-4 pm Sept 24
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 7 (2 sessions)
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30 pm  Sept 24 & Oct 1
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 8 (2 sessions)
Thursdays, 6:30-9:30 pm Oct 24 & 31
FVCE Computer Lab

Offering 9 (2 sessions)
Wed/Thurs, 9:30 am-12:30 pm Oct 30 & 31
FVCE Computer Lab

Course Number: CO01B
Instructor: Hank Boven
Semester: Fall 2019
Classroom: FVCE Computer Lab
Start Day: September 9, 2019
Course Price: $99.99
Number of Sessions: 1

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