Improve Your Memory by 700% in Just 3 Hours (Yes, Really!)

“There is no such thing as a bad memory, only a lazy or untrained one.” This amazing, nationally-acclaimed course, will teach you how easily your memory can be expanded. You will learn ‘Eight Practical Memory Strategies’, which are immediately applicable to your daily activities. This ‘memory upgrade’ will enable you to recall names and faces, remember where you parked your car, your passwords, and even what your friends take in their coffee. Learn the 5-minute tool that can increase your personal efficiency by 25 percent! Learn the tool that enables your mind to focus on any information and remember it. Includes a complete set of handouts and every student will receive a copy of Graham Best’s e-book, ‘How To Remember What’s His Name.’
Here’s what people have said about this course: “…it’s a pity this system is not taught in our schools. It could make honour roll students out of students who are now failing.” Math teacher. “…both my personal and business life have been improved. Sales presentations are a breeze and instead of 20-30 hours of preparation, I have my 2-day seminars ready in one quarter of the time. The names of hundreds of people I meet in every seminar are easy to remember. The result is a much higher close ratio.” Corporate Seminar Lecturer

Course Number: HW14
Instructor: Graham Best
Semester: Fall 2019
Classroom: Credo Christian High Room A
Start Day: September 28, 2019
Time: 9:00 am
Course Price: $49.99
Number of Sessions: 1

Total course price before 5% GST:

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