Helen Galloway, BTech(MI), RTR, CTIC

Helen Galloway, BTech(MI), RTR, CTIC
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Helen is the proud mother of 2 amazing boys, both in the medical field. Helen enjoys travel and being outdoors kayaking, biking and camping.

Helen’s educational background is in Medical Imaging (Bachelors degree with Honors), Diploma in Medical Radiography, with a specialty certificate in Computed Tomography (CTIC) with distinction. Helen has created the clinical programs at 2 lower mainland hospitals for Medical Radiography, and has been involved with many special projects in the hospital setting.

Helen’s work experience consists of over 32 years as a registered radiographer and CT technologist at Ridge Meadows Hospital. She also has 20+ years as an instructor for the Medical Radiography program, specialty certificate program, degree program, clinical instructor at BCIT, and most recently as director of Radiology services and training for FMS Medical systems Inc. as a Medical trainer for doctors, nurses and paramedics aboard cruise ships.