Introduction to WordPress: Level 1

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This class is now LIVESTREAMED! Attend at the regularly-scheduled class time, from the comfort of your home computer. Livestreaming means you interact with a REAL Instructor, in real-time, from your computer. This is NOT pre-recorded content. (You must log in and attend at the time class is offered, this is not a “watch-when-you-like” option.)

You will need:

  • A computer (Mac or PC), or an Android smartphone, or an Android tablet, or an iPad or iPhone. As long as it has a webcam and microphone, you’re good to go! (And YES, you can disable your camera for privacy!)
  • NO special software (Other than the software program taught in class.)
  • NO additional costs
  • NO technical know-how or fancy tools

Livestreamed classes are just “click-and-enter”
Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you a few days before the class, with a link to click and enter the virtual classrom. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Your webcam and microphone can display your image and voice to the rest of the class, or you can choose to mute the microphone or turn off the camera. You will still be able to hear and see the Instructor.

Livestreamed classes are EXACTLY the same content as the in-person class
Get exactly the same handouts, same exercises, and same interaction with your Instructor, as if you were in the same room with them. Ask all your same questions, hear your fellow classmates, and see the same presentations. No compromises.

Class Description:

A clear and simple introduction to the most popular website platform in the world.
WordPress is an easy-to-use and flexible website platform used by bloggers, business websites, personal sites, nonprofit websites, online management systems, and much, much more. It is available in dozens of languages, is suitable for desktop, tablet, and smartphone web browsing, and is completely FREE when self-hosted. No matter what your goals for your website, there is a WordPress solution that will work for you.
With a selection of literally millions of plugins, themes, tools and code snippets, WordPress can be made to look like anything you can imagine. If you want to create a website that is future-proof, and won’t lock you in to any particular hosting company or web designer, and that allows you to make changes yourself on the fly, without any special skills or knowledge, WordPress is your ideal platform.
The Instructor was an early adopter of WordPress about 15 years ago, and has continuously built and maintained many WordPress websites since that time.
This class is suitable for those new to WordPress, or those wishing to “fill in the blanks” in their current knowledge of WordPress, those using WordPress for a business website, a nonprofit, a personal blog, a photo gallery, an event website, or almost any other web presence. No web design experience is necessary, but attendees should have solid basic computer confidence.
Included in this workshop:
– A beginner-level overview of the WordPress platform: understanding how data is created, stored, and displayed
– Choices about how WP is hosted: self vs. “.com”
– Exploring what a Theme is, and how they can be customized
– Menu-by-menu functions and tools exploration (with hands-on exercises if you bring your own computer)
– Understanding the use of Posts vs. Pages
– Widgets: the real power of WordPress
– What you can easily do yourself, and deciding when it’s time to hire a professional
– Timesaving tips and some favourite plugins (mostly free!)
– Backups, backups, backups: how to do them best and easiest
– Stuff to avoid: learn from years of my mistakes!
– WordPress tricks: timesavers and cool stuff you can use right away
This 3-hour class is ideal for someone who’s ready to self-manage their own WordPress website, and wants a solid introduction to give them the confidence to create content and manage their basic data.
In-class demonstrations and exercises may use the details of the websites of those attending, so please be sure to come ready to answer basic questions about your plans for your website.
Offering 1F21: Wednesday, Oct 20 2021, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, via Livestreaming
Offering 2F21: Thursday, Jan 6 2022, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, via Livestreaming
Look for our Level 2 class offered here.
Course Number: BF15
Instructor: Peggy Richardson
Semester: Fall 2021
Classroom: Via Livestreaming on your computer at home
Start Date: varies
End Date: varies
Start Time: 6:00pm
End Time: 9:00pm
Class Capacity: 12
Course Price: $80.00
Number of Sessions: 1

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Offering 1F21: Wednesday, Oct 20 2021, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, via Livestreaming, Offering 2F21: Thursday, Jan 6 2022, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, via Livestreaming