Mindfulness for Creativity

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This engaging, fun, and thought-provoking workshop will allow students to explore what mindfulness has to offer to support their creativity. Studies have shown that mindfulness supports creative thinking and innovation. Students will gain an understanding of how mindfulness can help them become more creative, and will practice a number of mindfulness techniques that they can use going forward with their creative pursuits.

The World Economic Forum lists creativity, originality, and initiative as some of the Top 10 skills for 2020 and into 2025.

All written and audio materials provided.

Course Duration: 3 hour, one day class
Course Location: Livestreamed to your computer


Prior to class, please download, read, sign and return the [PDF] Course Guidelines, Security & Confidentiality Consent Form. Instructions to return this are in the document.

About Your Instructor, Pamela Dangelmaier
Certified Mindfulness Coach

Pamela Dangelmaier is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and certified mindfulness coach. She completed her graduate certificate in Mindfulness-Based Teaching & Learning at the University of the Fraser Valley, and works as a mentor for the current 2020-2021 program.

In addition to her own private mindfulness coaching practice, Pamela is also a successful e-commerce business owner, public speaker, gardening expert, graphic designer, stage & film actress and novelist. She attributes most of her successes, both personal and career, to the
application of mindfulness techniques to support and generate her creative ideas and come up with innovative ways to overcome challenges, reduce stress, and live a balanced life.

Pamela leads her workshops and courses in a supportive, compassionate way that inspires participants to live healthier lives. She invites you to discover for yourself how you can generate, retain and apply mindful solutions in your own life. The result will be a calmer, healthier, more creative you!

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Offering 1F21: Saturday, Oct 23 2021, 9:00am to 12:00pm, via Livestreaming, Offering 2F21: Saturday, Nov 27 2021, 9:00am to 12:00pm, via Livestreaming