Saturday Watercolours: Florals

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In this session we will be deconstructing the floral painting and making it as simple as possible. As you paint you will learn how to paint petals, so they look like they are on top of one another, and how to create an interesting floral design. In this session we will be focusing on the edges of our shapes and creating incidents at the edges.

Class supply list is emailed to students after registration. Supplies not included.

Supply List for Jess Rice watercolour classes  (please note all of Jess’s Saturday w/c classes use the same supply list)

  • 1 large terry cloth bath towel preferably white, your towel will get paint on it so best to use a used one.
  • 2 water containers
  • Large Round Brush #12 or larger
  • Small Round Brush #5 or #6
  • Large flat brush 1 inch or larger
  • Watercolour palette
  • These are the colours I use and recommend but don’t expect to students to have all of these. They should at least have a yellow, a red, and a blue to use.
    • Aureolin Yellow Or Cadmium Yellow Medium
    • Quinacridone Gold
    • Rose Madder Genuine or Cadmium Red Medium
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Perylene Maroon
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Phthalo Blue
    • Phthalo Turquoise
  • Pencil and kneaded eraser
  • Masking fluid
  • 140# Cold Press Watercolour paper (22×30 inches) I generally use Arches or Fabriano rough.
  • Spray bottle

Offering 1: Saturday,  Feb 22 2020, 9:30am to 2pm, at Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave, Langley

Course Number: HC39
Instructor: Jess Rice
Semester: Winter/Spring 2020
Classroom: Credo Christian High Art Room
Start Date: February 22, 2020
End Date: February 22, 2020
Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 2:30 pm
Class Capacity: 16
Course Price: $59.99
Number of Sessions: 1

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Offering 1: Saturday, 9:30am to 2pm, Feb 22 2020, at Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave, Langley