Top Ten Tips for Painters – (FREE Demo!)

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Note – This is really a fast-paced DEMO rather than a workshop. But if you wish to try the tips afterward you will need the following materials:

ACRYLIC – White vinyl eraser and/or optional rubber tip scraper-brush – ¾ “; a few acrylic paints –red, yellow, blue, green – or any;  canvas or canvas panel – small for experimenting 10 x 12 or similar; paint titanium white on canvas or panel and let dry.


DRAWING – Soft pencil, 2b, 3b, or pen, any. And 8 x 11 sketch or printer paper to try black-white methods.

WATERCOLOR – Rubber masking resist, suggest “Pebeo”, or any;  a throw away brush –  some blue watercolor, any; non-throw away brush , any; and watercolor paper about 10 x 12, any type.

WATERCOLOR – Small amount of Gum Arabic, and watercolor paper about 10 x 12, any brush, and old gift or credit card – some watercolor, red, yellow, blue -any. scissors to cut, and watercolor paper about 10 x 12, any.

Offering 1F22: Wednesday, October 26 2022, 6:30pm to 8:00pm, via Livestreaming

Instructor Bio: 
Tony O’Regan was born in Cork, Ireland in a house called Santa Lucia, built by his uncle, Mark, a singer in the big band era. He grew up Canada and in Florida, and was educated in Art and Architecture. He painted many paintings and designed many buildings. Tony painted in Paris and the West Coast of Ireland. He taught Art and Design in major universities for over 20 years, including Emily Carr Univ. and UBC. He uses his skills in architecture, perspective, and landscape design to compose his images of what things are and what they might be. He drinks coffee at the Pelican Rouge and sketches gulls by the great White Rock as they ‘gyre and gimble’ in the waves.

Tony continues to create a collection of hundreds of his demonstrations and teaching videos as well as other useful content for artists, teachers, students and design school applicants at   www.toregan.com   and www.artcentro.com
Email  toregan@ecuad.ca


Course Number: HC80
Instructor: Tony O'Regan
Semester: Winter/Spring 2022
Classroom: Via Livestreaming on your computer at home
Start Date: Jan 19
End Date: Jan 19
Start Time: 6:30pm
End Time: 8:00pm
Class Capacity: 300
Course Price: $0.00
Number of Sessions: 1

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Offering 1F22: Wednesday, October 26 2022, 6:30pm to 8:00pm, via Livestreaming