Supervisory Skills – Level III Certificate Course

This course is designed to give supervisors, or persons seeking supervisory positions, knowledge and practical skills that can be immediately applied in the workforce. By the end of this course you will be further equipped for job advancement in supervisory positions. The Supervisory Skills Level III course builds on the knowledge gained from levels I and II and will cover a wide range of important topics, including developing and implementing employee recognition programs, delivering powerful presentations to sell your ideas, managing conflict in your teams and how to  have difficult conversations with staff.  A Certificate will be issued upon course completion.

Prerequisite: Supervisory Skills Level 2 or equivalent.

This course will be offered in the Winter/ Spring 2020 term.

Course Number: BF07
Instructor: Alison Dennis
Semester: Fall 2019
Classroom: Credo Christian High Room A
Start Day:
Time: 7:00 pm
Course Price: $259.99
Number of Sessions: 5

Total course price before 5% GST:

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