Supporting Your Business with Social Media Content

A follow-up course for small businesses using social media for their businesses.

Businesses need a different approach to social media than personal accounts. Once you have the basics nailed down, how do you create enough content for social media, without going crazy? In this workshop, we will explore several ways to create valuable, appropriate content for your business that does not take a lot of time, money, or special equipment.  

Please note that this class has a prerequisite of our companion class, “Social Media for Business for Beginners”, or at least a year of hands-on experience managing multiple social media accounts for a business.

This class is suitable for those new to self-managing your business social media accounts, those who want to hire a professional to do so and want to learn an overview so as to direct the process, or those wishing to “fill in the blanks” before getting more serious about self-managing their business social accounts. Not just for retailers or service businesses, this class is also suitable for nonprofits, business bloggers, an event website, or almost any other organization. No marketing experience is necessary, but attendees should have solid basic computer confidence. Please bring at least a smartphone, and if you have a laptop or tablet, please bring those as well.

Included in this workshop:

  • A brief examination of some common business goals, and some paths to approach those goals using common social media tools and strategies
  • How to choose which social networks to use, and which to ignore, based on your type of customer
  • How to use social media to tell stories, engage with consumers, and invite them in to your world
  • How to use social media to provide excellent customer support
  • How to keep coming up with fun ideas day after day
  • How to decide on a posting schedule, and how to stick to that
  • An examination of some common tools for programming posts in advance, and the limitations of those
  • How to use your social accounts to build your email list
  • Where to draw the line with client engagement on a public platform
  • How to use the analytics and stats for your social accounts, and how to minimize the time you spend on examining that
  • How to enlist help from staff to keep your social accounts interesting and relevant
  • Cool list of handy extras and tricks that save time and stress
  • Brief exploration of the goals for each attendee, with custom recommendations
  • Stuff to avoid: learn from years of my mistakes!

This one-day class is ideal for someone who’s ready to self-manage their own business social media, and wants a solid introduction to give them the confidence to create content and be consistent, OR, someone who is responsible for the planning of social posts, and needs guidelines before soliciting the services of a professional web manager.

Attendees will leave with easy handouts for reference, plus a tip sheet, and a list of curated resources if they want to take it to the next level.

Interactive exercises will use the details of the businesses of those in the room, so please be sure to come ready to answer basic questions about your business.

The Instructor is the Marketing Manager for the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival, the Westcoast Small Home Expo, and for Fraser Valley Continuing Education, the host of this event.

Offering 1: Tuesdays, Mar 3, 2020, 6pm to 10pm, at FVCE Boardroom, 204-20621 Logan Ave Langley

Course Number: BF18
Instructor: Peggy Richardson
Semester: Winter/Spring 2020
Classroom: FVCE Boardroom (Suite 204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley)
Start Date: March 3, 2020
End Date: March 3, 2020
Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time: 10:00 pm
Class Capacity: 14
Course Price: $80.0
Number of Sessions: 1

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