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  • Spanish for Beginners

    $189.99 CAD

    Learn more than how to say “gracias”, and pepare for travel with this course. Simple vocabulary and key phrases will be taught, supported by instruction in basic grammar. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary! All texts and materials are included in the course price. Offering 1F24: Wednesdays, Sept 25 to Nov 6 2024, 7:00pm…

  • Basics of Sign Language

    $164.99 CAD

    This workshop will introduce you to some basic vocabulary for signing. Whether it is the non-verbal child you work with, your neighbour, your toddler or baby, or just because you have a general interest, these classes will fulfill your needs. You will learn vocabulary such as the ABCs, numbers, days of the week, manners, foods,…

  • Punjabi for Beginners

    $189.99 CAD

    Punjabi for Beginners will give you skills for basic conversation needed for travel or communicating with co-workers, neighbours, and friends. Over six evenings you will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, greetings, numbers, and simple conversation needed for shopping, ordering food, hiring a taxi, small talk about the weather, sports, or pets.You will learn the relevance of…

  • French for Beginners

    $189.99 CAD

    This course is for students who have little or no previous knowledge of French. It is a course designed to give you basic language skills for use during travel, or to begin building a proficiency in French to increase your employment possibilities, and will also enable you to participate with your children as they practice…

  • Intermediate Spanish

    $189.99 CAD

    Take your beginner’s conversational Spanish to the intermediate level! Read a variety of stories taken from real-life situations, with a cultural focus on the peculiarities of Spanish-speaking countries. Further your knowledge of basic grammar and broaden your vocabulary. PREREQUISITE: Spanish for Beginners or equivalent Course Fee includes all texts and materials. Offering 1F24: Wednesdays, Sept…

  • Italian for Beginners

    During the 7 weeks of the course, you will learn some of the vocabulary and phrases you need to help you interact with people at a basic level. You will learn some essential Italian grammar, how to greet people, request and give information about your surroundings and express simple likes and dislikes. You’ll begin to…

  • Spanish Advanced

    $189.99 CAD

    For those Students looking to go further with their Spanish we are now offering an advanced level, if you have finished the Intermediate level and would like to keep working on the “Spanish made Simple” textbook, join us to learn more about the travels of Sr. Adams. Offering 1F24: Wednesdays, Nov 13 2024 to Jan…

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