Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program,
Winter-Spring 2024 Registration

UPDATE: The Winter-Spring 2024 registration is NOW OPEN.

There is currently EXTREMELY high demand for trained Medical Office Assistants in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Lower Mainland, as well as Vancouver Island, other parts of British Columbia, in the USA, and across Canada. This is a convenient livestreamed program, taught in Pacific Standard Time, to prepare you for your crucial role in our world-class medical care system. Practicum options available with local medical institutions. Please discuss with the Instructor.

This 152-hour Certificate program includes three modules, which cover Basic Medical Terminology, Ethics/Confidentiality and Office Procedures, and EMR Fluency and Medical Billing. This comprehensive approach fully prepares the student to enter any medical office, hospital setting, private practice, insurance company, or parallel health and wellness provider, and be ready to impress on day one. Having standardized certification is the tool needed by new health administrator entrants, health career upgraders, and external career changers to make successful transitions.

Easy Information Summary for this Certificate Program:

Total Cost of Program$2549.99 + 5% GST of $127.50 for a total of $2677.49 CAD.

This is all-inclusive, except for postage if a student is unable to pickup textbooks locally.

There is NO additional cost for international students. No student access fees, no insurance fees, and no additional fees for books or supplies. This inclusive pricing is universal.

Please see payment plan option, below.
Entry-Level income with an MOA CertificateEntry-level ranges from $20.58/hr to $24.00/hr (2019 data, may be higher now), depending on a number of factors. Additional training as you advance.
2-5 Year Advancement Income$26 – $39/hr, (2019 data, may be higher now), depending on a number of factors. Additional training as you advance.
Compare cost to other similar certificate programs: Other institutions vary, $3300.00 CAD to $8000.00 CAD*, depending on institution.

*Domestic / International tuition. For some institutions, additional fees apply for international students.

Start Date:February-March 2024
End Date:Please call our office for more information, at 604-533-4227.
Start Time:6:30 pm
End Time:9:30 pm
Class Capacity:22
Program Price:$2549.99 + 5% GST, for a total of $2677.49. This includes the cost of the required keyboarding class of your choice.
Number of Sessions:72 hours didactic in-class time, plus the time of the keyboarding class of your choice. 80 hours practicum. BOTH keyboarding class AND practicum are requirements for graduation.

Choose your payment option:

Learn LIVE from home from an experienced Instructor

The Program offers participants 72 hours of livestreamed classroom training, within three modules.  (Additional 80 hours of practicum.) This is LIVE synchronous training that is conducted via 2-way video, and each student engages with the Instructor from the location of their choice. A working computer or Chromebook is required to facilitate this livestreamed environment.* Each module will be graded according to the successful completion of tests and assignments.

Graduate with NO DEBT or student loans!

Total cost for our entire program is $2549.99 + 5% GST, for a total of $2677.49, and includes ALL books and fees. NO additional charges for international students, insurance, activity fees, etc. This one payment is all-inclusive, except for postage if student is unable to pickup textbooks locally. Graduate with NO STUDENT DEBT.

80-Hour Student Practicum

Part of your grade is to enter a clinical placement, in either a physician’s office or clinic. For many, this practicum experience is the gateway to long-term full-time employment in the healthcare system. Some keys to a successful practicum experience are excellent communication skills, compassion for patients, maintaining confidentiality, and an eye for detail. Completion of this overall program is dependent on a satisfactory evaluation from the clinical site.

Career Opportunities – Be In-Demand!

Learn more about how you can advance in your career with this document  (select the last link on that page) from Health Information Management, a Lower-Mainland-based health and hospital management organization. All dates and dollar figures should be adjusted to 2023 from the 2019 figures quoted. Certification requirements are noted with each position.

Complete Description of Course Modules for the MOA Program:

The MOA program prepares a student for a job in the healthcare industry. The MOA role is in demand in family practice, walk-in clinics, insurance companies (Including ICBC), specialty practices, in-hospital positions, and complementary therapies like physiotherapy or massage, as well as facilities like health research, Fraser Health, and other health authorities throughout the province.

MODULE ONE: Ethics / Confidentiality and Office Procedures and Communications (24 class hours) Wed Jan 24 – Mon Feb 26, 2024; 6:30pm to 9:30pm

In the first component of this module, students examine the importance of confidentiality and privacy in the medical setting. We discuss the principles of confidentiality and ethical issues in healthcare settings.

In the second component of this module, Office Procedures focuses on code of conduct, recruitment policies, internet usage , safety policies, and handling all patient needs. A key component of this focuses on staff management and general housekeeping duties specific to medical office settings.

Price includes virtual textbooks. Hard-copy textbooks available directly from the publisher for an additional fee, to rent or purchase in hardcover or looseleaf format.

MODULE TWO: Basic Medical Terminology and Anatomy (33 class hours) Wed Feb 28 – Mon Apr 15, 2024; 6:30pm to 9:30pm

In this module, students learn to use appropriate terminology that is required in a medical environment. They will be able to describe procedures and conditions relating to cases. Students learn the language through word prefixes, root words, suffixes and combining words. This course involves memorization of words. Medical terminology is a key component of what medical professionals use when they are referring to patient diagnoses and or treatments.

MODULE THREE: EMR Fluency & Medical Billing (15 class hours) Wed Apr 17 – Mon May 6, 2024; 6:30pm to 9:30pm

In this module, students are given an overview of electronic medical records used in the medical setting. We focus on patient privacy, confidentiality and security using these software programs. Students learn to manage the different administrator parts of electronic medical records. An in-depth look at medical billing is given to students. Students are introduced to medical services plan and claims processing.

Total hours = 152 (72 hours didactic plus 80 hours practicum)

Please note that a Keyboarding class is also part of this program and must be registered at the same time.

Modules:Three, plus a keyboarding class.
Instructor:Helen Galloway
Semester:February-March 2024
Classroom:Via Livestreaming on your computer at home. Learn from anywhere in the world, via your computer, using synchronous livestreaming. Classes are taught in Pacific Standard Time (GMT – 8). Students MUST attend at the scheduled time via video on a computer. This program is NOT pre-recorded.
Start Date:Varies
End Date:Varies
Start Time:Varies (Evenings, via livestreaming)
End Time:Varies
Class Capacity:22
Number of Sessions:36

*About the livestreamed environment:  Generally, any computer, laptop, or chromebook with a webcam, microphone, and the Chrome browser is sufficient. Mac or PC does not matter. Although lectures can be viewed on any web-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones, this is not enough to see details on graphics nor to complete written assignments or tests. Important: Students must be present during class times, this is not an “on-demand” class that can be watched at anytime. Classes are NOT recorded for viewing later. Recording of classes is prohibited for privacy reasons. Students are expected to answer questions and engage in class discussions using the computer. For further information about the livestreamed environment, and the technology required, please call the office at 604-533-4227.


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