Take Our Survey About Moving Classes Back Into the Classroom

We’re getting ready!

Keeping you safe and comfortable in your learning environment is our top priority.

Scroll down to take our survey about YOUR needs to feel comfortable returning to classes in a few weeks.

Our current plan is to keep online learning as an option whenever possible. For now, in-classroom learning will restart alongside virtual classes.

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Here’s what we’ve always done:

We have ALWAYS disinfected each workstation and desktop between classes, multiple times a day. We have also wiped door handles, office desk surfaces and service counters, light switches, and kitchenette surfaces daily, as well as dusting and vacuuming. And we have always supplied hand sanitizer on our front counter, along with disposable wipes and tissues.

What we’re adding:

We’re currently assessing the addition of Plexiglass barriers, as well as significant reduction of class sizes, in order to foster social distancing between students. We will also be documenting and adding additional safety measures, such as wearing non-medical masks. Some Instructors may insist on mandatory mask-wearing in their own classrooms. Some things may be restricted, such as student access to additional (non-classroom) parts of our offices.  Please address any concerns to our main office.

We’re still listening! Take our survey and tell us how you feel!

Like you, we’re waiting to hear specific guidelines from WorkSafeBC and the BC Ministry of Health. We also want to hear from YOU about what you need to feel comfortable returning to the classroom. Take our survey to tell us what you feel about returning once our classes are fully open again.

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COVID-19 Safety Statement: Protecting students and staff is our FIRST priority. Any in-person classes will only be offered in a classroom once all health and safety guidelines laid out by the BC Ministry of Health and/or WorkSafe BC can be met. All students will be provided with appropriate health and safety equipment for their class, including masks and possibly gloves. No student will be admitted to class if they appear to be sick. (Coughing, sneezing, etc.) Please come prepared to respect strict social distancing guidelines as laid out by staff. All workstations and high-touch contact surfaces will be disinfected between students using standard disinfecting products, by staff who are trained to follow a specific disinfection routine. We appreciate your respect for your fellow students in applying kindness, compassion, and patience.



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