Thinking About Taking Some Drawing Or Painting Classes? Don’t Worry About Having “Magical Talent”

Thinking about taking some drawing or painting classes? Have you been staring at those art supplies, and can’t seem to just pick up the brush to get started? Then, listen to Art Instructor Tony O’Regan’s advice about getting over limiting beliefs about art!

His first point? Don’t worry about having ‘magical talent’! “Plenty of people who thought they lacked talent have achieved amazing things with passion and perseverance, while many without those two essential things have languished. People point out the precocious talent of a Mozart or a Picasso, but if you look into it, you often find they spent their entire youth learning, and not always comfortably, under a parent who was a recognized master. Remember that wherever you are on the ‘talent scale’ you can move the dial impressively with passion and perseverance. Develop your skill until it shines like ‘talent’.”

And his second point? “You can’t do this alone! The image of the artist spending hours and hours in front of a canvas, and that the art will suddenly happen, is frankly wrong, and will discourage many artists. Yes, get some basics in drawing or painting classes, but then get support from people who have been there, and who can demonstrate what you need to know to progress. I went through years of art school chasing the so-called ‘discovery process’ (lots of fun and lots of coffee) – but when I took just a few lessons from a fellow named Sam Black (award winning artist-teacher who could explain and demonstrate) I felt suddenly hopeful and empowered. He emphasized that what one person could do, another can do. Find your inspiration and support!”

Even magicians have to learn some technique, and then practice to make it all seem like effortless ‘talent’! There is no magic formula. ‘Talent’ just means the right combination of support and perseverance.

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