In the last few weeks, we've all had to make shifts to the way we work. In this webinar, we invite all members of our local - and global - community to join us online.

Happening 1pm on Tuesday, March 24th, from your phone, tablet, or computer.

"What I really need is a quick intro with a real human, where I can pose questions LIVE and learn quickly."
- Student at Fraser Valley Continuing Ed

Learn all the basics, plus a little more, in under an hour.

This session is designed for beginners. We’ll talk about the difference between a webinar, a livestream, and a virtual meeting, and how you can use all three in your business.

Best practices for working with virtual employees.

Tips from someone with many years of experience about how to manage employees who are now working from home, and how to be a great virtual employee.

Dissect the tech: what you need, and what you don't

We’ll discuss the basics of a typical webinar setup, some great extras, as well as what’s needed to facilitate certain functions and features common across various systems.

Learn from someone who's worked virtually for over 20 years

Marketing Manager Peggy Richardson

Peggy has been a virtual worker, and has supervised virtual employees, for over 20 years. She has worked in two countries and multiple cities, both in the fields of marketing and in high-tech. She is now the Marketing Manager for Fraser Valley Continuing Education, as well as for the Fraser Valley Wedding Festival and the Westcoast Small Home Expo.

She lives and works from her home on the gulf islands, as well as part-time from the office on Logan Avenue in downtown Langley, BC.

Reserve your seat now for 1PM Tuesday

We remain closed, but we're committed to keep classes going through the next few weeks.

All classes that are normally scheduled for the next few weeks will continue, either by being re-scheduled, or in some cases, through livestreaming. If you're worried about cancellations, don't. Your class will be delivered one way or another.
We will communicate with all registered students via email. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see any announcements.
Like all small businesses, we rely on our registrations to keep the school going. Without training opportunities, those looking for new careers in the next year will not have the education they need to move on. That's why we're committed to postponing classes, rather than cancelling them.