Drawing for Beginners – Part 1

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Drawing for Beginners – Part I

What you’ll learn
● By the end of this course, you will be able to draw almost anything
● The correct way to use reference
● Draw what they see and observe
● Draw basic lines and shapes
● Understand the basics of volume, light, shadow and composition
● Feel confident enough to further their artistic learning on any subject.
● Understand that everything is made of a few basic shapes

● There is absolutely no prior experience required to take this course
● Only a pencil or pen and paper is needed

Drawing and sketching can seem like magic if you don’t know how to do them. It’s not magic, it’s a skill. that means
it can be taught. Just like anything and everything you have learned you had to know the very basics. You can’t do
math without knowing how to count and you can’t drive without knowing what the key looks like.
This course is your “key”. All drawing starts with lines, some are straight, some are curved and rough but all are
lines. Lines are used to make shapes and shapes become volumes (3d shapes) and everything in the world is made
from shapes.
I will teach you to use those shapes. I will show you how to make lines shapes and volumes. You will learn to hone
your observational skills and draw what you see, and even what is in your head if you study and practice enough.
You need no experience in drawing. Absolutely zero! You just need a pencil and some paper.
If you have always wanted to learn to draw this is the course for you.

Who this course is for:
● Anyone who wants to learn how to draw using a pencil and paper
● Anyone who wants to learn drawing in a more “traditional” way.
● Anyone wanting to increase their drawing skills
● The absolute beginner with zero ability to draw
● Graphic artists that want to learn to draw.
● The hobbyist who has wanted to learn to draw
● Anyone who wants to make comics or games or express their artistic desires.
● Everyone who has “How to” art books on their shelves but still couldn’t draw
● Everyone who has watched a drawing video but still couldn’t draw.

Offering 1F22: Mondays, Nov 7 to Dec 12 2022, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley (no class Dec 5)

Class supply list is below and you will also receive a copy by email.

Drawing for Beginners – Part 1:                        Instructor: Ian de Hoog

● Sketchbook – Opus Essential Wirebound Sketchbook 8x5x11” *suggested*
● Pentel P205 mechanical pencil and a regular pencil – 2B lead is what I prefer
● Kneaded eraser

About Your Instructor: Ian De Hoog

Ian de Hoog is a Canadian watercolourist and instructor living out on the West Coast of British Columbia. Ian developed an early visual interest in the medium due to the works of Franklin Carmichael and Toni Onley. However, it was during a brief stint studying architecture that a physical love of painting and art manifested. Ian’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and are included in a growing number of private collections around the world.

Course Number: HC02
Instructor: Ian de Hoog
Semester: Fall 2022
Classroom: Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley
Start Date:
End Date:
Start Time: 7:00pm
End Time: 9:00pm
Class Capacity: 16
Course Price: $159.99
Number of Sessions: 5


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Offering 1F22: Mondays, Nov 7 to Dec 12 2022, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley (no class Dec 5)