Bible Memory Seminar

$69.99 CAD


This class is now LIVESTREAMED!

Attend at the regularly-scheduled class time, from the comfort of your home computer. Livestreaming means you interact with a REAL Instructor, in real-time, from your computer. This is NOT pre-recorded content. (You must log in and attend at the time class is offered, this is not a “watch-when-you-like” option.)

You will need:

A computer (Mac or PC), or an Android smartphone, or an Android tablet, or an iPad or iPhone. As long as it has a webcam and microphone, you’re good to go! (And YES, you can disable your camera for privacy!)
NO special software
NO additional costs
NO technical know-how or fancy tools
Livestreamed classes are just “click-and-enter”
Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you a few days before the class, with a link to click and enter the virtual classrom. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Your webcam and microphone can display your image and voice to the rest of the class, or you can choose to mute the microphone or turn off the camera. You will still be able to hear and see the Instructor.

Livestreamed classes are EXACTLY the same content as the in-person class
Get exactly the same handouts, same exercises, and same interaction with your Instructor, as if you were in the same room with them. Ask all your same questions, hear your fellow classmates, and see the same presentations. No compromises.

Class Description:
Learn to train your brain to remember extended passages from the gospels word-perfectly. You will be amazed at how easy this is! Learn 12 strategies that will help you encode ANY Bible verses and their references in such a way that you will NOT forget them. You will learn to keep the verses for long-term memory. Build your own “memory palace” in order to have the content of entire books of the Bible at your fingertips. These strategies are tried and true, and leave people wondering why they weren’t taught them years ago. The results are instant and amazing!

During the course you will:

– Learn how to initially learn the verse without the mind wandering; then how to review it so it flows from your lips; and finally, how to retain it for the long term
– Memorize the 7 Sayings from the Cross; the Fruit of the Spirit; and many other select verses during the course (We can also look at passages you want to learn.)
– Memorize the content of Mark One (Material is provided to continue on and memorize the content of the rest of the book.)
– Memorize 40 Names of Jesus
– Have several verses used for the praise of God at your fingertips
– How to read and remember what you read
– How to memorize apologetics arguments
– How to write personal reflections and to meditate on Scripture

… and much more!

The course is open to adults and teens.

The course is delivered over 4 sessions, each of 1½ hours. In addition, students are invited to a private Facebook group, which will enable participants to interact with Graham during the weeks of the course.

Special Bonus
All participants receive a fully illustrated 276 page course eBinder, delivered digitally.

Students will also be given access to an ever-expanding resource library of recorded online Bible memory videos.

Offering 1F24: Thursdays, Oct 3 to 24 2024, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, via Livestreaming

Offering 2F24: Thursdays, Jan 9 to 30 2025, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, via Livestreaming

Course Number: HW15
Instructor: Graham Best
Semester: Winter/Spring 2024
Classroom: Via Livestreaming on your computer at home
Start Date: varies
End Date: varies
Start Time: varies
End Time: varies
Class Capacity: 26
Course Price: $69.99
Number of Sessions: 4

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Offering 1F24: Thursdays, Oct 3 to 24 2024, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, via Livestreaming, Offering 2F24: Thursdays, Jan 9 to 30 2025, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, via Livestreaming