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  • Retaining the Power of Memory for Active Seniors

    $49.99 CAD

    You’ve heard it said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but anyone can have a sharp mind, and learn anything at almost any age. In this class you will learn practical skills to train your memory. This class is best suited for anyone age 50 and up! You will learn: – To remember…

  • Fused Glass

    $56.99 CAD

    Debbie Hungle is a fused glass artist who loves teaching her craft to new students. You will be amazed at what you will learn and accomplish in this 1/2 day, fast-track course for beginners. This will be a fun and amazing day as you will quickly learn and practice the basic skills and techniques of…

  • Photography Basics

    $149.99 CAD

    Enjoy taking better photographs! This relaxed and enjoyable course will teach you the important basics of photography allowing you to take control of your camera and improve your images. The course has been designed for both film and digital camera users. You will learn about camera operations, exposure, composition, filters, lighting, and creative techniques. The…

  • An Evening of Astronomy

    $24.99 CAD

    Buy 1 Adult seat and bring a school-aged child (up to 18 yrs) for free.

  • Bible Memory Seminar

    $69.99 CAD

    This class is now LIVESTREAMED! Attend at the regularly-scheduled class time, from the comfort of your home computer. Livestreaming means you interact with a REAL Instructor, in real-time, from your computer. This is NOT pre-recorded content. (You must log in and attend at the time class is offered, this is not a “watch-when-you-like” option.) You…

  • Grow Your Own Food

    $59.99 CAD

    Description: Reap the benefits of growing your own nutritious, organically grown food. From sowing seeds indoors to planting in the garden, learn how to grow healthy and productive crops without the use of synthetic products. Offering 1WS24: Saturday, Apr 6 2024, 9:30am to 3:30pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley   Your Instructor,…

  • Preparing for Spring

    $29.99 CAD

    Learn what to do in the garden to reduce your maintenance, while allowing plants to flourish. Pruning, planting, organic pest control, tree care and other gardening techniques and methods will be covered. Offering 1WS24: Saturday, Mar 9 2024, 1:00pm to 3:30pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley Your Instructor, Amanda Jarrett, is one…

  • Power of Intuition

    $49.00 CAD

    Unleash your superpower! In the fast-paced, interconnected world, having a heightened sense of intuition can indeed be a valuable asset. Intuition plays a significant role in decision-making, problem-solving, and fostering creativity. Intuition allows us to read between the lines, pick up on unspoken emotions, and sense the atmosphere in a room. It’s a valuable skill…

  • Fused Glass Serving Plate

    $74.99 CAD

    Debbie Hungle is a fused glass artist who loves teaching her craft to new students. This fused glass serving plate has beautiful results whether it is a simple abstract or a complicated design suiting everyone’s interest and experience. The size is 6 x 11″ and is mostly flat with the edges slightly raised. It makes…

  • Tony’s Art School – Drawing Faces and Expressions – Drawing

    $64.99 CAD

    Learn to draw the face, its proportions and features using light and shadow patterns. Learn the basic differences in male-female and child facial proportions and expressions. Offering 1WS24: Saturday, Jun 1 2024, 9:30am to 1:00pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley Instructor Bio: Tony O’Regan was born in Cork, Ireland in a house…

  • Free Motion Stitching – Basic

    $94.99 CAD

    Treat yourself to a weekend of learning something new about your sewing machine. If it has been sitting on a table or in the cupboard, it is time to dust it off for some lessons in Free Motion Stitching. You will learn the basic skills of setting your machine up, learning how to navigate the…

  • Techniques and Card Making

    $40.00 CAD

    Continuing on your creative journey to Card Making, this second workshop will introduce you to other techniques that will make your cards even more lovely. Sherrin will teach you to create cards of beauty once you learn how to blend inks, use stencils, fussy cut and envelope decoration. You will make 3 of your own…

  • Italian Cooking – All About Italian Oil

    Olive oil is the heart of Mediterranean diet, and is known for having a healthy role in our diets. How to recognize a good oil – Focaccia bread no-knead and Spaghetti aglio e olio, Spaghetti with garlic and Italian olive oil You don’t want to miss this class! Disclaimer: Mamma Marzia is not an oil…

  • Advanced Techniques for Card Making

    $40.00 CAD

    This third workshop will be jam packed with techniques to take your card making to the next level. You will learn how to use distressing, embossing powders and embossing folders to make your 3 cards. Sherrin will also introduce foiling as a way to add big impact to your card making. And finally, you will…

  • Introduction to Card Making

    $40.00 CAD

    Get your craftiness on in this introductory workshop to Card Making. We all know how much we treasure getting cards from loved ones and now you will be able to make your own. From basic stamping, embellishing and using lovely papers, you’ll learn the techniques and make 3 of your own cards to share with…

  • Energy Awareness

    $149.00 CAD

    Energy is one of our most precious commodities. In our dynamic world, every interaction, whether with people, objects, or environments, involves an exchange of energy. These energetic encounters have a profound effect on our well-being, whether we realize it or not. For sensitive souls and empaths, it’s easy to absorb unwanted energies from negative interactions…

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