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  • Bookkeeping and Introductory Accounting

    $439.99 CAD

    This will be the most important business course you will ever take!

    An understanding of basic accounting and bookkeeping is of vital importance to anyone involved in business, even those who are not involved in day-to-day accounting.

  • Microsoft Excel Level 1

    $284.99 CAD

    Need to sort large amounts of information in a hurry? No problem! Let this class show you how to make manipulating lists, tables, and more a simple and easy process! Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet program found in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It is the most popular spreadsheet program in the world today….

  • Microsoft Excel Level 2

    $284.99 CAD

    This course teaches students how to apply basic skill sets in addition to learning intermediate to advanced functions to manage and audit numerical reports. Students will work with various functions to perform specific types of calculations, customize charts, work with pictures or shapes in a worksheet, customize formatting for specific types of data, and look…

  • Supervisory Skills – Level I Certificate Course

    $264.99 CAD

    REGISTER FOR SUPERVISORY SKILLS LEVELS 1,2, &3 AT THE SAME TIME AND SAVE 10% Foundations of Leadership and Supervision This foundational course will build your knowledge of what effective leadership looks like and the necessary skills to make you are more successful leader. Topics Covered include: Roles of a Supervisor Leadership Styles – Find out…

  • Microsoft Word Level 1

    $284.99 CAD

    Let this class break down all the basics in an easy and manageable way, that will make you look like a genius, and have all the others in the office coming to you as their Resident Expert! Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing (document and typing) program in the world. If you wish…

  • Bookkeeping Level 2

    $244.99 CAD

    This is a practical course, where we are given various receipts and invoices from a client. Together we will figure out how to organize the Income and Expenses for a sole proprietor. Compilation of invoices and receipts to assist in preparing for Income Tax. Completing an annual GST return. How to set up the bookkeeping…

  • Microsoft Word Level 2

    $284.99 CAD

    This course teaches students intermediate Microsoft Word skills that can be combined with basic skills to create more complex documents. Students will look at features such as inserting pictures or shapes, setting up columns of information, saving repetitive pieces of text or graphics for easy access at a later date, styles, and templates to produce…

  • Top Ten Tips for Painters – (FREE Demo!)

    This fast-paced demo is an excellent way for aspiring painters to get a jumpstart and see some time-tested techniques put into action with a local artist and Instructor here at FVCE! (Scroll down for a bio of Tony O’Regan.) Tony will address: 1. Painting With Erasers 2. The XTCS of Figures 3. Draw “Infinity” Boats…

  • Keyboarding Plus

    $149.99 CAD

    The basic life skill of keyboarding is crucial for anyone – not just those who rely on it for a living. Learn to improve your speed and accuracy, with modern methods that focus on ergonomics and ways to take stress off your wrists, arms, and shoulders. This course will also help those who are retraining…

  • Microsoft Excel Level 3

    $264.99 CAD

    Are you ready to take the next step in your Excel education? Do you want to graduate from being a user to being a POWER USER? Are you looking to become the “go to” person for Excel in your office? Then our Excel Level 3 course is for you. Learn about some of Excel’s most…

  • Instagram

    $59.99 CAD

    Photos, Videos, Stories, Reels… You are the Reporter for your Business! How to create a professional business profile; post content to get followers; up your engagement and learn the tips to selling and relationship building on this highly visual social media platform Offering 1WS24: Tuesday, Feb 13 2024, 6:00pm to 8:00pm, FVCE Classroom, #204, 20621…

  • Keyboarding (Typing) for Beginners

    $149.99 CAD

    If ‘hunt and peck’ with a few fingers is your typing style, NOW is the time to learn the basic life skill of keyboarding. You will be amazed at how easy it is to learn and how much faster you will be able to type with far greater accuracy. You will be asking yourself why…

  • Supervisory Skills – Level II Certificate Course

    $264.99 CAD

    This level builds on the skills you learned in level 1. Now that you know who you are as a leader and the impact your style has, this course covers other functions a supervisor or manager may be responsible for, Some of the Topics covered include: Motivation and Staff Retention Interviewing skills – how to…

  • Supervisory Skills – Level III Certificate Course

    $264.99 CAD

    Going beyond the basics              In level 3 you build on the knowledge you have received in levels 1 and 2 and we develop more advanced skills and begin to get you ready to move from front line supervisor to a more senior level in your Organization. In this level of the certificate program topics covered…

  • Punjabi for Beginners

    Punjabi for Beginners will give you skills for basic conversation needed for travel or communicating with co-workers, neighbours and friends. Over six evenings you will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, greetings, numbers, and simple conversation needed for shopping, ordering food, hiring a taxi, or small talk about the weather, sports, pets, or conversing with Punjabi-speaking customers…

  • Bible Memory Seminar

    $69.99 CAD

    This class is now LIVESTREAMED! Attend at the regularly-scheduled class time, from the comfort of your home computer. Livestreaming means you interact with a REAL Instructor, in real-time, from your computer. This is NOT pre-recorded content. (You must log in and attend at the time class is offered, this is not a “watch-when-you-like” option.) You…

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