Introduction to Creative Writing

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Let me introduce you to the beautiful world of creative writing. Do you have ideas and stories that you are dying to share? Are you struggling with the empty page and don’t know how or where to begin? Does your writing need a little finesse and polish? Are you ready to learn how to express your thoughts and emotions in a way only words can capture?
Creative writing is an art form that allows you to unleash your creativity, delve into your imagination, and craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers. In my introductory creative writing course, I invite you to unlock your potential and discover the magic of storytelling through short stories and poetry. Whether you’re an aspiring writer with a passion for words or simply looking to explore a new avenue of self-expression, this course is designed to ignite your creativity and provide the foundational tools to craft compelling short stories or poems.
Throughout this journey, you’ll delve into the fundamental elements of storytelling, from developing intriguing plotlines and creating well-rounded characters to painting vivid settings and evoking powerful emotions. You’ll learn how to structure your narratives, captivate your audience from the first sentence, and leave them craving more.
But creative writing is not just about the mechanics of storytelling; it’s about finding your unique voice and discovering the stories only you can tell. This course will encourage you to explore your personal experiences, tap into your emotions, and infuse your writing with authenticity and depth.
You’ll develop your writing skills, cultivate creativity, and gain the confidence to share your work.

Course Curriculum
Areas of Focus:

  • Unleashing your creativity: Learn how to break free from creative blocks, cultivating inspiration, and tap into your unique writing potential.
  • Crafting captivating stories/poetry: Discover the secrets of compelling storytelling, from developing engaging plotlines to building suspense and delivering satisfying conclusions.
  • Breathing life into characters: Master the art of character development, creating relatable and memorable protagonists and antagonists that resonate with readers.
  • Painting with words: Explore the nuances of descriptive writing, bringing your settings and environments to life through vivid imagery and sensory details.
  • Editing and polishing: Hone your revision skills, refine your writing style, and learn how to edit your work precisely and clearly.
By the end of the course, you will increase your confidence, improve your writing, and uncover your unique voice.

Offering 1WS24: Mondays, Jun 17 & 24 2024, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, FVCE Classroom #204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley

Cathy Moleschi is a professional business writer with 30+ years of experience. She specializes in business communications, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation and is a well-respected and trusted Fraser Valley business owner. Her love of the written word started as a child when she would often hide for hours under her covers, flashlight in hand, devouring books late into the night.

Her business, Langley Writing Services, has prepared over 900 resumes and cover letters for customers across all industries, from entry-level positions to CEO. Passionate about seeing her clients reach their career dreams, Cathy has been helping job seekers land new opportunities, impress in interviews, and gain coveted promotions since 2013. She accomplishes this by accurately conveying her clients’ accomplishments, experience, and true nature succinctly and professionally to attract potential recruiters, hiring managers and pass Applicant Tracking Systems.

With strong communication, business, sales, corporate training, and speaking background gained over three decades, Cathy prides herself on being a leader in her field, setting the stage for her client’s success, and helping others express their thoughts and feelings. She holds a Marketing Management Diploma from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Cathy offers various other services such as business presentations, biographies, persuasive communications, advocacy, biography, copywriting, and speech writing services.

When not hard at work at her desk, you can find Cathy spending time with her adorable grandchildren, visiting with friends, camping with her beloved husband, volunteering at a local hospice, and crafting poetry and short stories.


Course Number: HC110
Instructor: Cathy Moleschi
Semester: Winter/Spring 2024
Classroom: FVCE Boardroom (Suite 204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley)
Start Date: varies
End Date: varies
Start Time: varies
End Time: varies
Class Capacity: 14
Course Price: $149.99
Number of Sessions: 2

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Offering 1WS24: Mondays, Jun 17 & 24 2024, 6:00pm to 9:00pm, FVCE Classroom #204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley