Microsoft Outlook Level 1

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Microsoft Outlook is an extremely useful program, which more and more offices and businesses are using. It can manage all your communications, including email, contacts, clients, and all activities related to clients. It coordinates all scheduling, and sets and tracks appointments. It can also keep a journal of all activities. It allows coworkers to share calendars and schedules electronically, and can even place electronic ‘post-it notes’ from other users on your desktop.

More and more, a working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook is becoming an absolute ‘must have’ on your resume if you are seeking a clerical or management position within the business world.

This course teaches students how Outlook is structured, how to use the mail module to create, edit, format, and send messages, as well as how to manage incoming messages, use the calendar module to schedule appointments or meetings with others, and then use the contacts module to create and edit a list of contacts.

Skills covered:
• Understanding how Microsoft Outlook is set up, and the different types of information you can track
• Creating, editing, sending, opening, and managing messages, such as replying or forwarding
• Using different types of options for tracking or managing messages, such as voting buttons, flags, or level of importance
• Including and managing attachments being sent or received with messages
• Filing and managing messages using folders
• Creating and editing appointments or events in the calendar
• Creating and scheduling meetings with others
• Creating and modifying contacts using the contacts module.

Prerequisite: Computer Basics Level 2 or equivalent.

Cost includes manual.

A Certificate will be issued upon course completion.

Offering 1F23: Thursdays, Sept 28 to Oct 19 2023, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, FVCE Computer Lab #204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley

About Instructor Lori Dowhaniuk

Course Number: CO14
Instructor: Lori Dowhaniuk
Semester: Fall 2023
Classroom: FVCE Computer Lab (Suite 204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley)
Start Date:
End Date:
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Class Capacity: 14
Course Price: $264.99
Number of Sessions: 4


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Offering 1F23: Thursdays, Sept 28 to Oct 19 2023, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, FVCE Computer Lab #204, 20621 Logan Ave Langley