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  • Bookkeeping and Introductory Accounting

    $439.99 CAD

    This will be the most important business course you will ever take!

    An understanding of basic accounting and bookkeeping is of vital importance to anyone involved in business, even those who are not involved in day-to-day accounting.

  • Foodsafe Certificate – Level 1

    $90.00 CAD

    This is a government-certified course that is designed for those who are employed or seeking employment as restaurant staff, caterers, vendors, or anyone handling food. The FoodSafe program covers procedures for preventing food borne illnesses. Topics include: receiving, storing, preparing and serving of potentially hazardous foods, hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing equipment. The course also contains…

  • Computer Basics 2 – Preparation for Microsoft Office

    $104.99 CAD

    Perfect for those who are retraining or changing jobs! A clear and simple 2-day skills class that fills in the knowledge gaps. The skills covered in this course are prerequisite knowledge for all Microsoft Office and other computer courses. Using both Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel you will go on an in-depth tour familiarizing yourself…

  • Family Estate Planning (Including the ABC’s of Being An Executor)

    $39.99 CAD

    Did you know that if you leave a disorderly estate, the taxman, lawyers, and courts could take a large percentage of your hard-earned wealth? Estate planning is not just about writing your will, it’s about Powers of Attorney, living wills, and creating peace of mind for you and your family. This course will take you…

  • Microsoft Excel Level 1

    $284.99 CAD

    Need to sort large amounts of information in a hurry? No problem! Let this class show you how to manipulate lists and make tables in Microsoft Excel, the Microsoft Office spreadsheet program. This course teaches students how to work with worksheets and use various features to analyze data to create, modify, and format common business…

  • Improve Your Memory by 700% in Just 3 Hours (Yes, Really!)

    $49.99 CAD

    “There is no such thing as a bad memory, only a lazy or untrained one.” This amazing, nationally-acclaimed course will teach you how easily your memory can be expanded. You will learn seven practical memory strategies which are immediately applicable to your daily activities. This ‘memory upgrade’ will enable you to recall names and faces,…

  • Dental Receptionist Certificate Program

    From: $974.75 CAD / month for 4 months

    Please choose either the no-cost payment plan OR the single payment offering, below.

  • Microsoft Excel Level 2

    $284.99 CAD

    This course builds on the basic skill set taught in Level 1, learning intermediate to advanced functions to manage and audit numerical reports. Students will work with various functions to perform specific calculations, customize charts, work with pictures or shapes in a worksheet, customize formatting for specific types of data, and look at various features…

  • Payroll Fundamentals

    $244.99 CAD

    During this practical, information-packed course you will learn step-by-step procedures for preparing and maintaining payroll records. You will learn how to calculate payroll including taxable, pensionable insurable amounts, CPP, EI and Income Tax and prepare remittances. You will also learn to prepare T4s and T4 Summaries and learn how to complete Record of Employment (ROE)…

  • Spanish for Beginners

    $189.99 CAD

    Learn more than how to say “gracias”, and pepare for travel with this course. Simple vocabulary and key phrases will be taught, supported by instruction in basic grammar. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary! All texts and materials are included in the course price. Offering 1F24: Wednesdays, Sept 25 to Nov 6 2024, 7:00pm…

  • Investing 101

    $39.99 CAD

    We need our money to work hard so we won’t always have to. In this one-day class, you will learn about investment strategies ranging from TFSAs to RRSPs/RRIFs and RESPs, and about guaranteed investment strategies like laddered GICs and annuities to higher returns mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and stocks. Your instructor will also teach you…

  • Supervisory Skills – Level I Certificate Course

    $264.99 CAD

    REGISTER FOR SUPERVISORY SKILLS LEVELS 1,2, &3 AT THE SAME TIME AND SAVE 10% This foundational course will build your knowledge of what effective leadership looks like and the necessary skills to make you a more successful leader. Topics Covered include: •Roles of a Supervisor •Leadership Styles – Find out what your preferred leadership style…

  • Microsoft Word Level 1

    $284.99 CAD

    Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing (document and typing) program in the world. If you wish to create letters, reports, documents, etc., Microsoft Word is the software most commonly used. This course is designed for students who desire the skills necessary to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Word documents. It teaches…

  • Building Service Worker (BSW) Standard Program

    $789.00 CAD

    Trained custodians are always in demand! Upon completing this Building Service Worker Certificate course, you will be qualified to seek employment as a building service worker in various industries and businesses, including positions as school, hospital, and government building custodians. You will also be ready to start your own contract cleaning business or be in…

  • Bookkeeping Level 2

    $244.99 CAD

    This is a practical course, where you are given various receipts and invoices from a client. As a class, you will figure out how to organize the Income and Expenses for a sole proprietor. You will learn the proper compilation of invoices and receipts to assist in preparing for Income Tax and completing an annual…

  • Microsoft Word Level 2

    $284.99 CAD

    This course teaches students intermediate Microsoft Word skills that can be combined with basic skills to create more complex documents. Students will look at features such as inserting pictures or shapes, setting up columns of information, saving repetitive pieces of text or graphics for easy access at a later date, styles, and templates to produce…

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