Keyboarding Plus

This unique course is for persons wishing to increase their keyboarding speed and accuracy. This is the ideal course for persons striving to reach a minimum typing speed requirement for employment qualification.
Your Instructor, Jennifer Price, has coached hundreds of students to dramatically improve their keyboarding skills over a short period of time. Together you will set a goal at the beginning of the course, and through a variety of speed building exercises and drills, Jennifer will help you with your weak areas, technique, and overall speed and accuracy. You will be excited with your progress.

A Certified Speed and Accuracy Certificate will be issued upon course completion.

Bring a USB stick to download the program (optional).

Offering 1
Wednesdays, 7-9 pm Oct 2-Nov 6
Jennifer Price
Credo Christian High

Offering 2
Tuesdays, 7-9 pm Nov 12-Dec 17
Jennifer Price
Credo Christian High

Course Number: CO04
Instructor: Jennifer Price
Semester: Fall 2019
Classroom: Credo Christian High Room A
Start Day:
Course Price: $149.99
Number of Sessions: 6

Total course price before 5% GST:

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