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  • Foodsafe Certificate – Level 1

    $90.00 CAD

    This is a government-certified course that is designed for those who are employed or seeking employment as restaurant staff, caterers, vendors, or anyone handling food. The FoodSafe program covers procedures for preventing food borne illnesses. Topics include: receiving, storing, preparing and serving of potentially hazardous foods, hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing equipment. The course also contains…

  • The “Indispensable Binder”

    $44.99 CAD

    “It’s Time to Get My Documents Together!” – The Absolutely Indispensable Binder Your house is on fire? Grab your Indispensable Binder. You are temporarily incapacitated? Your Indispensable Binder allows others to keep things going. Your executor would need your Indispensable Binder. Create this handy reference to quickly find your will, power of attorney, property titles…

  • Retaining the Power of Memory for Active Seniors

    $49.99 CAD

    You’ve heard it said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but anyone can have a sharp mind, and learn anything at almost any age. In this class you will learn practical skills to train your memory. This class is best suited for anyone age 50 and up! You will learn: – To remember…

  • Residential Electrical Level 1

    $49.99 CAD

    There are a number of electrical items around the home that the average homeowner can manage safely. These include such items as changing out a Light Fixture, Re-wiring a Socket, Installing a Dimmer, etc. In this course, you will learn: Safety Protocols & Procedures for working with electricity Basic Electrical Theory as it applies to…

  • Spanish for Beginners

    $189.99 CAD

    Learn more than how to say “gracias”, and pepare for travel with this course. Simple vocabulary and key phrases will be taught, supported by instruction in basic grammar. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary! All texts and materials are included in the course price. Offering 1F24: Wednesdays, Sept 25 to Nov 6 2024, 7:00pm…

  • Guitar for Beginners

    $144.99 CAD

    What if we told you that you’ll be playing and singing well-known songs in your first-ever guitar class? In ‘Beginners Guitar’ we get straight into it. All you need are those first few chords and you’re off to the races. (Singing is optional, but we’d love to hear you belt it out!) You’ll learn the…

  • Basics of Sign Language

    $164.99 CAD

    This workshop will introduce you to some basic vocabulary for signing. Whether it is the non-verbal child you work with, your neighbour, your toddler or baby, or just because you have a general interest, these classes will fulfill your needs. You will learn vocabulary such as the ABCs, numbers, days of the week, manners, foods,…

  • Tiling – Flooring

    $49.99 CAD

    Are you considering replacing your Bathroom, Laundry Room, or Foyer Floor? Small flooring projects like these are well within the capabilities of the average homeowner. In this course you will learn about: Various Tiles and Tile Adhesives Tool Requirements Floor & Sub-floor Preparation Cutting Tiles Tile Placement Grouting & Sealing This is a hands-on course….

  • Tiling – Backsplashes

    $49.99 CAD

    Replacing the backsplash in your kitchen or Bathroom is an inexpensive way to freshen up a room. Switch out some of the fixtures such as Faucets, Knobs, Towel Racks, etc., and it can make it look like a new room. Tiling a backsplash is well within the scope of the average handyman. In this course…

  • Residential Plumbing Toilet & Vanity

    $49.99 CAD

    This course will cover Basic Home Plumbing with a focus on Toilet and Vanity maintenance & Repair. Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance and repair is one area where the homeowner can save money by doing it yourself. Most of these tasks are relatively easy for the homeowner to accomplish. In this course, you will learn: The Home…

  • Guitar Level 2

    $144.99 CAD

    Take your guitar playing to the next level with “Guitar Level 2”. This is where we expand your song-playing repertoire and build on the core fundamentals. We’ll graduate from the basics into new chords, bar chords and even finger-picking patterns. This course is where sing-along legends are born. Get ready to be the hit of…

  • Residential Electrical Level 2

    $49.99 CAD

    Looking for a more in depth understanding of the Electrical Systems in your house? This course build on the information provided in Level 1. In it we will review some of the basics from Level 1, and cover advanced items such as: Breaker Box Wiring 3 Way Switch wiring 220V wiring – Dryer, Range, etc….

  • Residential Plumbing Kitchen Sink & Appliances

    $49.99 CAD

    This course will cover Basic Home Plumbing with a focus on Kitchen Sink maintenance & Repair. Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance and Repair is one area where the homeowner can save money by doing it yourself. Most of these tasks are relatively easy for the homeowner to accomplish. In this course, you will learn: Cut & install…

  • Home Inspection & Maintenance

    This course will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to be able to identify Maintenance & Repair issues before they become major problems Whether you are purchasing, or simply want to understand the health of your house, this course is a must. It will provide you with an overview of: ·        The various systems…

  • Mind Full to Mindful

    $89.00 CAD

    Are you feeling stressed, finding it hard to focus and wanting to enjoy more peace in your life? Perhaps now is the time to learn tools that could help you navigate these changing and challenging times. Practicing mindfulness can be the solution you’re looking for. The Mind Full to Mindful Workshop is intended as an…

  • Punjabi for Beginners

    $189.99 CAD

    Punjabi for Beginners will give you skills for basic conversation needed for travel or communicating with co-workers, neighbours, and friends. Over six evenings you will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, greetings, numbers, and simple conversation needed for shopping, ordering food, hiring a taxi, small talk about the weather, sports, or pets.You will learn the relevance of…

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