The “Indispensable Binder”

Imagine your house is on fire and you need to take your most important information and documents with you. Grab the Indispensable Binder! How could this be happening? You are having a stroke or heart attack, or you are hurt in a serious car accident. Your family needs to have all the important information to manage everything while you are in hospital and get better. What if you or your spouse dies suddenly? Where are all the important documents and information? This important course will take you through the steps to create your own ‘Indispensable Binder.’ It will contain all your most important documents and information from Wills, Power of Attorney, Executor, property deeds and mortgages, medications, bank accounts, credit cards, automatic payments, phone numbers, computer User Names and Passwords, location of keys, and contact information for friends and relatives. It will also contain information about your investments, safety deposit box, passport and Nexus info, home and life insurance policies, and much, much more. Your Instructor has created a systematic format for you to create and organize your own Indispensable Binder, or for $30 in class, you can purchase a formatted Binder, which is 58 pages, all in plastic sleeves, with dividers, all ready for you to finish.

Course Number: HW02
Instructor: Diana Cruchley
Semester: Winter/Spring 2020
Classroom: Credo Christian High Library
Start Date: Varies
End Date: Varies
Start Time: Varies
End Time: Varies
Class Capacity: 24
Course Price: $44.99
Number of Sessions: 1

Total course price before 5% GST:

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