Baking Bread with Babette – Everyday Rye

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Everyday Rye

50/50 or 50% Rye, whatever you want to call it, this loaf is seriously delicious – so much so, you may just want to have it everyday! The perfect balance of dark rye and white bread flour yields a loaf that

is flavourful and robust – without being too heavy. Add the traditional rye bread spices into the mix or leave them out if you prefer a more subtle loaf. This simple bread will quickly become a household favourite!

Bring an apron, a notepad + pen; a large freezer bag or plastic container with lid for the dough you are taking home with you, as well as a bread bag or large kitchen towel for your freshly baked rye baby!

Offering 1WS24: Wednesday, Apr 3 2024, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley

Instructor Bio

Babette Kourelos lives in beautiful British Columbia with her husband, Vasili, and their two Fox Terriers, Tango and Cash. She was born in South Africa and is of Afrikaans, Greek, and Italian descent. She holds a BA and LLB degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating, Babette traveled to Vermont (USA), to apprentice under the late French Master Baker Gerard Rubaud. Babette ran her own artisan bread bakery and baking studio in Johannesburg (South Africa) for several years before relocating to Canada in 2020. She has introduced hundreds of beginner bakers to the art of bread baking and has been featured in numerous media publications. She has been a guest speaker at several Women in Business events and will be a judge at the World Bread Awards USA in Las Vegas in September 2022.  Images of her breads and sample recipes can be viewed on her various social media platforms. Babette is also currently working on her first cookbook – stay tuned!


Course Number: FH60
Instructor: Babette Kourelos
Semester: Winter/Spring 2024
Classroom: Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley
Start Date: Apr 3
End Date: Apr
Start Time: 6:30pm
End Time: 9:30pm
Class Capacity: 16
Course Price: $100.00
Number of Sessions: 1

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Offering 1WS24: Wednesday, Apr 3 2024, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Credo Christian High School 21846 52 Ave Langley